Too Much Good Music

Too Much Good Music

Run The Jewels

Yes, Yeezus just dropped this week and it’s pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.  It was one of the albums this year I was really anticipating.  Good news for me there’s been a ton of music I’ve been looking forward to.  You ever have that moment when you just keep finding new acts or albums to a point you can’t keep track of it. Yea I might be getting there. It’s a good place to be.


Run The Jewels

First I’ll start with Run the Jewels, which is a project by -hip hop’s future tag team champions of the world- Killer Mike and El-P.  Killer Mike has been around for a while now but never really had huge commercial success, but he’s got the demeanor of an old George Foreman on the mic.  Ruthless and aggressive. El-P’s most recent studio record, Cancer for the Cure,  was an awesome surprise last year as his production work on the album was top notch.  Bring these two together and you have Run the Jewels. A 10 track album set to release next Tuesady, FOR FREE.  They’ve released 3 tracks already, of which all of them are awesome.  Be warned Killer Mike and El-P make me want to drive really recklessly whenever I listen to them. Check out their single with Big Boi and their upcoming tour dates below.  I’ll be at the show in NYC in August:



Next up is Lorde.  She only has an EP out right now, Love Club. But just those few songs have me excited to hear what else she’s got.  She’s a New Zealand artist and I imagine her Million Dollar Bill and Love Club songs will be everywhere.  She has a second EP coming out soon.  It’s released in New Zealand now.  Honestly her sound does not disappoint.  You can find her first EP on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music.  You can listen to them streaming at the link below:


To Kill a King

This ones been around for a bit.  I got hooked on them by their live recordings they released prior to their first album.  They have a very chill vibe you can just sit and take in.  They haven’t toured in the US yet, but I’ll be grabbing tickets the minute they do. Check out their site below, tons of free music, and buy their album.  It’s damn good.


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