Gaga Does SNL

Gaga Does SNL


…Kinda.  SNL on Saturday night was great this past week with host and musical guest, Lady Gaga.  She showed us viewers that she’s not just a body covered in meat, she’s an actress. It was nice to see Gaga in a different light, most interestingly when playing a very average looking Apple employee. Wearing little makeup and an Apple uniform,  her character sarcastically joked that people who are into fashion are often trying too hard and also trying to hide something. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge (we get it, you’re mocking yourself).


And then, that was it. She was in about 3 sketches which is uncommon for a host. Most of the time, the host is in almost every sketch. What was with the lack of Gaga? Even when she was acting in scenes, her character was never the main attraction. People have been raving about how great she was and how well she did. I guess I agree for the couple of lines of each sketch she did have, she rocked it. And now we all know how talented she is when it comes to speaking like a little girl (a quality not everyone can posses).


I think the real highlight of the episode was her 8th grade dry hump session with R.Kelly. He came out on stage, sang a verse with her over his shoulder, did push ups over her body, then let her straddle him while standing in front of a live audience. I don’t know how that sounds to you, but I think we just found the breakout star of the show. One second R.Kelly is trapped in a closet and then next thing you know he’s on the SNL stage with Lady G.


Watch the SNL episode featuring Lady Gaga here.

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