Matt Cargile

About Matt Cargile

Matt Cargile is the Editor in Chief of He also works in finance, but refuses to read any news printed on pink paper. He is a child at heart with adult means. His childhood dream was to either become a magician or the leader of the next great empire and somehow both these things make complete sense. He's contradictory in nature, but is always consistent.

About Russ Stevens

Russ Stevens is an editor and writer at Rookerville and a guidance counselor at Nyack HS. He mostly writes about either loving or hating things. In his spare time, he performs Improv comedy with his troupe Priest and The Beekeeper and is a co-producer of their monthly variety show Pig Pile. He loves all the New York sports teams that are historically bad, and he hates lateness more than anything in the world.

Andrew Rose

About Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose is a writer and editor for Rookerville. He also manages a travel blog for his friends and family. His book, “Seizure Salad”, is a work of fiction - not in that it is a tale of fantasy, but in that it does not actually exist.

Ted McLoof

About Ted McLoof

Ted McLoof is a writer at Rookerville and teaches fiction at the University of Arizona. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Minnesota Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Gertrude, Monkeybicycle, Sonora Review, Hobart, DIAGRAM, The Associative Press, and elsewhere.He's recently been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and a Best of the Net Award. He is very cool and very handsome and he'd like to buy you a drink.

Justine Kolsky

About Justine Kolsky

Justine Kolsky is a writer for Rookerville. Aside from trying to perfect her twerk, she likes to spend her time being cold and sarcastic to her peers. Tell her I said "hello", she'll know what it means.

About Nichole Louise

Nichole is a crazy cat lady, geek girl, and writer. She has had fiction published with Yesteryear Fiction, Danse Macabre Du Jour, and Delta Women E-Zine. Her articles have been published on and here on Rookerville! Her first novel, The Crash of Hard Water, is available on Amazon.

Pat Wong

About Pat Wong

Patrick is a contributor for Rookerville. He is an avid sports fan. Before joining Rookerville, he was part of a defunct New York Yankees message board, NYYankeefans, where he was its top poster and was inducted in its Hall of Fame for his contributions. Patrick is also a passionate fan of movies. He has enjoyed reading movie reviews over the years and is excited about the opportunity to review movies. Patrick is also a passionate foodie. He is Yelp Elite for three years in a row and shares his great finds in New York and his travels.

Ian Pulicano

About Ian Pulicano

Ian Pulicano is a writer at Rookerville. He's also a technology enthusiast, artist, musician, and all around adrenaline junky. He lives in the Pacific NW and is currently pursuing various entrepreneurial projects within the growing bitcoin economy. A loner by nature, Ian prefers the solitude of the deep forest but emerges frequently to stay updated on the approaching singularity.

About Jennifer O'Connell

Jenny O'Connell is a writer for Rookerville and lives in San Francisco, where she does flashmob consulting and works with young people in the outdoors. She has studied writing at the San Francisco Writers' Grotto and the Hollins University Tinker Mountain Writers' Workshop. She is currently about to embark on a writing project to walk across Finland, retracing the steps of a 90-year-old woman. Check out her blog and her Kickstarter campaign (, and become a part of her journey!

About Jake Serlen

Jake Serlen once published an essay about oral sex in National Lampoon's. He received $50 for his efforts and was happy to get it. He lives in New York City.

About Michael Stevens

Michael is a writer for Rookerville and an aspiring writer at the beginning of his first significant meltdown: the Quarter-Life Crisis. He likes to think of himself as 'the alien of the group' or 'the android attempting to be human.' He is interested in many things so it would be easier to describe all the things he is not interested in: Sports. Read his stuff if you want to hear everything but sports. He is currently at large.

About Will Ruff

Will Ruff is a writer for Rookerville from Austin, Texas, where he fails at launching startups, writing books, recording music, and otherwise. He's a raconteur at heart and filmophile and soon-to-be self-published author.

Mali Rose

About Mali Rose

Mali Rose is a writer for Rookerville. She enjoys binge watching Scandal, doing random activities that produce a very strange life resume, eating a copious amount of Skinny Pop and going to empty dive bars. Rose dreams of giving up the corporate life and moving to Maine or Thailand but fears that the internet accessibility would affect her monogamous relationship with Netflix. Rose lives with Justine Kolsky in Manhattan. They have 1 dead and 2 questionably living plants together.