The Marvel Show Pitch

The Marvel Show Pitch



Recent news broke about Marvel releasing 4 original shows on Netflix (which you can read about here).  I for one love the possibilities.  So with that in mind we wanted to give Marvel a few more shows the could potentially pitch in their next wave. 


Nichole – Pitch : Sif & the Warriors Three

Synopsis: This show would have Sif as the main protagonist, with the “warriors three” as support through adventures in Asgard, as well as other realms. We wouldn’t see much of Thor in this show, as we can assume he’s doing this on Earth…with Thor gone, Sif takes it upon herself to be the leading warrior of Asgard against the dark forces of other realms. The show will also delve into Sif’s conflicted feelings about Thor & Jane (I guess we’ll see more of this in The Dark World, though – I’m also wondering if Sif will “merge” with Jane’s body in this movie, and if she does, that would also change the storyline of this theoretical show.) Amora aka Enchantress will also play a part in this show.


Cargile: I like this idea.  I think this would play well with the Game of Thrones fans.  There’s so much lore to be talked about within the Asgard world.  What’s great too is it can all be happening and not disturbing the timeline on the earth storylines for the other movies. I think this would best work as a serialized mini series, much in the vein of Sherlock from BBC.

Cargile – Pitch : Jean

Synopsis: Homeland has fallen off right?  Good that means Claire Danes is going to be freed up soon.  I want to make a show centered around Jean Grey, with Claire Danes taking on the role she was born to play.  I think you can build this show as a story of Jean trying to escape and be normal.  Have her living in a city trying to not be found.  At first you can have her powers shown in small subtle ways.  Grabbing her coffee from across the table in the morning in her New York apartment as she sits alone before she has to rush off to work.  I think if the show is smart they’ll keep her powers at bay and almost waiting to bust at the seams at the right moment.  I think you can include nods to the rest of the stories occurring in the Marvel Movie universe by having her acknowledge them through the news.  There’s so much that can be done here.  Maybe she shows up to help but disappears again cause she only felt obligated to help, but didn’t want to fully return to this life.  But I think  you don’t have that happen for at least a season or two.  At some point Wolverine should show up to find her, but agrees to leave her be a little longer while telling her eventually he’s going to have to bring her back. (“I can’t keep going back to the professor telling him I just missed you again.  Eventually he’s going to get you on his own.”)  I think you write the show with a finite period of around 5 seasons, and you give it that Breaking Bad approach as she slowly gets closer and closer to becoming Dark Phoenix.  The end of the show could lead to a movie based around the Dark Phoenix. Which I’m totally on board for the next wave of comic book movies centering around the villains rather than the heroes.


Nichole: Phoenix is my favorite Marvel character, so I’m all about this show idea. I never would have thought of Claire Danes, though. I don’t dislike her, though, so it wouldn’t bother me too much – but she wouldn’t be my first choice. I think this show would inevitably have to include the Hellfire Club; probably toward the later seasons.

Michael – Pitch : The Marvel Knights Franchise- Men Without Fear (Season 1)

Synopsis: First off, I think a Marvel Knights franchise would be very cool to show some of the darker, grittier sides of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Think a VOD CSI.  I think for creative freedom, this would have to be a VOD show. Right here I think there’s strong potential to place characters in their best environments. I’ll be damned if a perfect Daredevil show didn’t fit in 1970s/1980s Hell’s Kitchen. This would be a world during the shadier era of SHIELD and the MCU. This is a world where New York is overrun with crime and maybe even some paranormality. I would start the series with season “Men Without Fear.” I’d focus more on the deterioration of Daredevil’s life in the 1980s. This would be the “Born Again” saga. At the same time he is being hunted by a rookie NYC hero cop named Frank Castle. The first season would focus on Daredevil, and end with Daredevil’s life shattered, his practice ruined, identity exposed, and Frank Castle’s transformation into the Punisher. Meanwhile, the Kingpin has been working with some nasty Bigger Bad’s (vampires) opening the stage for Blade to appear. I’d like to have cameos from T’Chaka and Young Nick Fury as well. This show would really take advantage of the darker sides of the universe where we don’t really have an Avengers to inspire hope. It might even be cool to see guys like Ben Urich write stories for a Weekly World News style magazine that talks of things like Captain America’s body being found during the Nixon administration and being held captive by SHEILD. Or even stories of Howard Stark’s dirty deeds with Hydra and Kingpin.


This has to be the ugly world that exists in the shadows of old Marvel New York. Urban legends to the general populace.


Maybe you could even show a Jimmy Olsen-esque teenage Phil Coulson. This would be Marvel’s awesome response to shows like Arrow and shows like Breaking Bad. Awesome world building with a side of soul-shattering storytelling.

Nichole: This is a solid idea. However, I feel like TV execs would feel the need to “dumb it down” into a procedural with superheroes, though (a la the Shield show…) If it could maintain its creative integrity without that happening, then yes!


Cargile: I’m down for this.  I like the idea of a period piece sort of show for Marvel.  The Madmen-ification of it all could attract a whole new audience.  Also it would be cool to have sort of historical events happening throughout the show.  I green light this.

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