Tinder: Worth It?


The verdict is in I think. Tinder?  Not that creepy. I didn’t say it wasn’t creepy at all, or even that it wasn’t creepy, period. I’m just saying it’s not that creepy.

I know the people on match.com are reading this on their high horse thinking that because Tinder is just images, it is shallow and superficial. Well, they aren’t wrong. But if you’ve ever been on a dating website there is a process to filtering out your future Mr. or Mrs. The first thing you do is look at the other persons pictures and if you like what you see, then you move on and read whether or not they want to have kids and what their height preference is. Online dating is superficial, get over it. It’s also a way of life right now. There is no longer a stigma that online dating is for freaks. At least in New York, it’s for most. It really comes down to the basics. If you’re not meeting someone online, where are you meeting them? A lot of people meet at bars and as “romantic” as that sounds, you really have no idea who you are meeting. At least with Tinder, it exposes the easiest way of communication; texting. This app really couldn’t make meeting people any easier. You may not be getting all of the good eggs through this app, but at least you can create dialogue with all of the eggs and try to make your own assessment if you decide they are worth meeting.

Tinder made it’s way into my life when one of my friends sent me a screenshot from the app from a guy asking if she gives blow jobs on the first date. As I read that I thought two things; this is hilarious and there has to be more of where this came from. The answer was Tinder. Here’s the breakdown, you log into the app and are able to see which prospects (who also have the app) are around you. You are shown one profile at a time and given two options, you can either hit the “x” to dismiss this person or a heart symbol to show you’re potentially interested. You will never know if you’ve been “x”ed. You’ll only know if the other person “liked” you. If you both like each other, you may text within the app. Texting within the app is genius. You don’t have to give out your number and the person can only see your first name. With all the positives, Tinder is definitely not without it’s “dark corners”, so just like anything you might do on the internet don’t be surprised when you get an extremely forth right offer that’s unsurprisingly lacking politeness. I shared a few of those moments I found below.  But if you want my advice, don’t let a few bad apples spoil your Tinder fun.  Life’s short, go ahead and Tinder.






These Tinder snapshots are courteous of The Tinder Diaries.  You can find them and much more at thetinderdiaries.com.  

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