Jeth: Bound 3


JETH gives KIMYE a run for their money in “Bound 3”.  James Franco and Seth Rogan have teamed up once again and this time, they didn’t disappoint. This hilarious spoof redefines love in all of the right ways. In this NSFW video, JETH take a sexual ride with tons of back hair and lip-locking along the way. It’s hard to say which video was more enjoyable, the original Bound 2, or the new and improved Bound 3. This video not only screams “sex”, it also makes fun of two celebrities that take themselves so seriously it hurts. Job well done, JETH.


This viral video can go either way on the KIMYE front. We all know Kanye isn’t one to back down, we’re talking about a guy who interrupted/insulted a 19 year-old after winning an award on her artistry. It’s clear he thinks highly of himself, he might come back and bury JETH with some clever lyrics. Let’s not forget about the Kardashian’s, who will jump on ANY opportunity to make some money. I smell potential(asinine) law suit. Whatever is is, Kris Jenner/Kardashian’s wheels are turning to make a strategic move, I’m sure.

Watch/enjoy all of the action

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