The State of the Challenge Rivals II: FINAL WEEK!


AHHH I cant believe Jordan and Marlon capsized!  Oh well, at least they didn’t have to go to NIGHTMARE ISLAND (TJ you crazy!). The structure of this final challenge, I must say I’m not that impressed with.  I like that they had more mental stuff in it, but it just seems kinda boring and repetitive.  It seemed more like a few regular challenges strung together.  None of the epic-ness I’ve been known to fear/love, but in the end, the “good guys?” won, so theres that.  CT & Wes and Paula & Emily really were the stronest teams all season.

The State of The Challengers


1.  Paula & Emily 

Russ:  They totally deserved this.

Michelle: Paula & Emily: the most athletic team won, which is nice.  Paula is way too comfortable drinking pickled milk, which is worrisome.

2. CT & Wes

Russ: CT vomited out his actual soul.  Holy shit. But they did it.  I’m actually proud of CT like I know him.

Michelle: CT is no longer the Dan Marino of the challenge and Wes can go buy his 37th company.  Good news all around!



1. Jordan & Marlon 


Michelle: I was rooting for you guys, but you did amazing for Rookies! Come back and win next year!  Now Marlon, go reward yourself for your hard work with a big ole dong on the hottest guy you see!

2. Johnny & Frank

Russ:  You guys just didn’t have it. Later.

Michelle: Too bad Frank didn’t win enough money to get his own place, cause Jonna is still going to be royally pissed at him for back stabbing her. Hope they don’t live in a railroad!

3. Cooke & Cara Maria

Russ:  Cooke, I respect you, but Cara Maria, too bad there weren’t any freaky sexy sex challenges, you freaky sex skank.

Michelle: It would have been poetic to see these two win after being voted in to the jungle every second of their lives.  Plus, I’m still salty over Diem saying they don’t deserve to be on the challenge….if they hadn’t gone into elimination and won every time, Diem’s ass would have been eliminated way sooner.  Same for the rest of the chicks. Anywhoo, second place is still great and they should be treated with more respect next challenge, so its still good news for these two.


So there you have it.  It was a great season, with a lackluster finale, but the seeds have been planted for an even better challenge the next time around.  Hopefully we get a great challenge next spring (or whenever it comes back).


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