Pig Pile 44: First Blood



Every third Thursday of the month fellow Rooker Russ Stevens and the rest of the Priest and the Beekeeper get together to a host a free comedy show at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, New York.  This is me telling you about it. 

I‘m spoiled.  There I said it.  I live in New York and I’m spoiled.  Where as some people may go months, even years without seeing some good live comedy, I have it at my finger tips.  This website itself is an example of my embarrassment of riches, as it’s made up of the many talented friends I have that, outside of working regular jobs and writing for Rookerville, have their own brand of creativity they need to expel on a regular basis. And this coming Thursday I get to watch my friends assemble in a slightly organized fashion for my entertainment once again.  If that sounds self indulgent, it’s not, cause I have nothing to do with all the hard work, and had nothing to do with bringing these guys together, I just get to enjoy it. I guess you could say I have been fortunate enough to be at the right place, right time; which if there’s ever a biopic about my life that would be the title.

And if there was a title of a movie about having a great time on the third Thursday of every month at a bar with some old familiar faces, it wouldn’t be called ‘Cheers’, cause that’s a TV show, it would be aptly named Pig Pile: Starring Priest and the Beekeeper and Zach Broussard*. Or once the mainstream media got a hold of it probably more like #PP:PBK&ZB, if Robin Thicke videos with topless girls are to be trusted. Which they should be, cause they’re universally liked.  Much like funny people and good drinks.  Which is what Pig Pile is all about.  I grew up watching stand up comedy on a regular basis, and for a free comedy show Pig Pile doesn’t disappoint.  Hell if they decided to charge, they wouldn’t disappoint either.  And it doesn’t hurt that the show is at one of my favorite bars in New York, the Creek and the Cave, that actually has a good history of comedy itself.

I know what you’re thinking.  This show is hosted by friends of mine so therefore I have to like it.  Well in full disclosure, fellow Rooker and member of Priest and the Beekeeper, Russ Stevens once hated me back in college and I still thought these guys were funny then when they were part of my college’s improv troupe Scatterbomb (I saw them once).  So there goes your theory. No, we didn’t become friends till we both randomly saw each other at a bar 2 years later.  Both looking to imbibe our relationship problems away.  Which unbeknownst to both parties involved, we mutually agreed to just drink with each other for 4 straight weeks of video games and other “forget your ex” practices, till we forgot our problems and became best buds (no homo?**).  And really it wasn’t till then that I officially met the rest of the comedy crew, and there was three things I learned in those 4 weeks: They were good at drinking, good at being funny, and all had no idea I went to the same college as them (you’d think I’d hate these guys, but I don’t).

So if you’re not busy, and want some entertainment and it happens to be a third Thursday of the month (which this Thursday is). You should find your way to Long Island City, where the boys will be hosting what will be their 44th show in almost 4 years running. If they were a car they would be 1/6th of the way to becoming legally considered a classic vehicle.  The number 1 song in 2009 when this whole shindig started was Boom Boom Pow, by the Black Eyed Peas.  One Black Eyed Pea is making electro-pop with a crazy white girl, another is just being a crazy white girl, and the other two are just missing.  So to say this foursome is doing better at sticking together is an understatement.  I think two more seasons of this and they get syndication royalties.  If you do show up you’ll be in for any combination of stand up or sketch comedy and improv groups that change from month to month and a bar that will keep serving you.  So I’ll leave you with this eye opening interview I did with Russ cut straight from our chat window (so please ignore the informality of it all) and just tell you to get your ass down to the Creek and the Cave.





So there you have.  Alex would die first. See you at Pig Pile 44.

Link to Facebook Event:

Pig Pile 44


Link for The Creek and The Cave


*Zach is another good friend who’s quite good at stand up comedy.  He co-produces these monthly shows with the guys, and also hosts a show at UCB east.  He’s not a writer for Rookerville, yet, as he was drafted by the Lakers in the 4th round, or whatever the equivalent of a friend getting picked up to write for a site before you can get him is.  Either way he’s damn funny and I’d advise checking him out.

**That phrase is the worst, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.  Like Daylight Savings Time, or Andy Dick.

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