Gal is the New Val



Also known as the worst holiday known to man, Valentine’s Day has been giving shitty boyfriends brownie points since the dawn of time.  Why do we need a holiday for our significant others to show how much they love us? If you’re in a relationship, shouldn’t that be everyday? Valentine’s Day is a day of redemption for the boyfriend that NEVER takes you out. He will take you out on this one day a year to prove his “love” for you. Fuck that noise. Love is shoveling out your car on a 10 degree morning before you wake up, not an expensive dinner with a prix fixe menu and subpar food.


This guilt filled holiday should be terminated once and for all. For those who have a significant other, there is this pressure to make the day perfect. And for those who are single, it is just a constant reminder throughout the day that you are in fact, still single. If the people in relationships had any soul, they would feel guilty for celebrating knowing their best pals are sitting at home on the couch eating ice cream and watching “Jerry Maguire”.


At work, Valentine’s Day is just a giant pissing contest. Who can receive the best delivery to the office that day. Who has a significant other that trumps all of the others? I will stick by my theory of, the bigger the Valentine’s Day celebration, the worse the boyfriend/girlfriend.

So put down those expectation and broken dreams and celebrate what really matters, Galentine’s Day. In my opinion, Galentine’s Day should replace Valentine’s Day. It’s a day filled with celebrating the people closest to you, your best gals. Who needs an expensive dinner followed by pressured “amazing” sex when you can go eat sushi and froyo and gossip about what has been happening in your life? As Leslie Knope would say, “ Ovaries before Brovaries”.

Justine Kolsky

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Justine Kolsky is a writer for Rookerville. Aside from trying to perfect her twerk, she likes to spend her time being cold and sarcastic to her peers. Tell her I said "hello", she'll know what it means.


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