The Challenge – Exes 2 Rankings: Week Eleven


I can’t even start with a first impression when a cliffhanger like that from last week went down.  Basically because Sarah pulled the power move of the season and voted Nany & Bananas into The Dome to go against Nia & Leroy, the house flipped upside down.  They were all forced to stew over this as they did the usual trip to another country (this time, Norway).  Nia let her rage over not getting a layup in the form of Jenna & Jay boil over to the point that she started saying awful, hateful things to Jordan, and finally poking his penis.  All of this was construed, rightfully so, as putting her hands on another player in negative fashion and she was sent home. That left Leroy out of a partner for days.  Because The Challenge gods believe in fair play, he was awarded a new teammate in the form of ex-hookup Theresa! Now on to The Dome.

The Dome:  X- Battle

This was another classic elimination game. The mechanics were the same as always.  Theres a giant Metal X on the ground.  The objective is to hold on to two sides while your competitor holds the other two.  At the whistle you were to wrestle in ANY fashion possible, that X away from from the competition.  there would be a guys round, then girls, and if necessary a final round, where gender went at the flip of a coin.

Winners and Final Spot in the Finals: Theresa & Leroy (they each won their rounds back to back)

The Finals: 

As most finals go, TJ explains the theme is Troll-related and each team has to conquer specific tasks in order to be granted passage to next checkpoint, to finally arrive at Mount Slogan, one of the toughest mountain climbs in the world (of course).  I don’t want to get into specifics of what the first checkpoint was because you can read all about that next week!


Power Couple Rankings

1. Sarah & Jordan – They take the top spot for how they closed out and made it to the finals, but I think that Sarah’s going to have a tough slog with the mountain climb, and that will bring out Jordan’s inner (who am i kidding) outer asshole.  However, I can’t say enough, props to Sarah, for doing what was best for their team and sticking to her guns.

2. Theresa & Leroy – What is odd is that I think they might be most primed to win an endurance based final.  Leroy’s been there before, but had Mike Mike.  This time he’s got the most in-shape girl out of the bunch, and she’s been resting, so she’s fresher going in.

10. Jenna & Jay –  Their number 10 ranking isn’t a typo.  These guys deserve nothing.


The Biggest Losers

1. Nia – Don’t be a raging hateful bitch who says whatever she thinks will someone the most, and maybe you’ll stick around.  Also, Leroy was right, when you talk all that shit after losing the last two challenges, pipe down.

2. Nany & Bananas – These two had a murderers row, just to get back in the game, but on the real, I’m happy they lost.  The game is better when it’s fresh faces in the final, and you can’t expect to be teflon.  Bananas, you got played by your own game.  Deal with it.

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