The Challenge – Exes 2 Rankings: Week Four

The Challenge – Exes 2 Rankings: Week Four


First Impressions Are: Brittany you fuggin idiot.  So the initial thoughts were that this’d be a heavy Britt episode.  Also, Jonna and Jay have become the island of misfit toys.  The episode really seemed to be focusing on the interpersonal drama between the actual exes.  Or the alcohol was talking…Such a good table setting for the challenge

The Challenge: The Brush Off

The goal was to transfer as much paint to the partner as possible, using their bodies as the brushes.   The girls would first have to dive in a pool of paint then race to a cargo net where the guys were at the top of, and then grind all of the paint onto the guy.  The guy would then have to jump onto a hanging canvas and cover as many canvas squares as possible with paint.  The teams to do this fastest with the most paint would win.  Last weeks power couple Sarah & Jordan got to determine the order.

The Power Couple: Jonna & Zach 

The Losers: Jemmye & Knight 

The Vote: Because Zach is friends with Jemmye & Knight he specifically asked them who they felt like they should take.  From the outset it looked like one of the rookie teams were going to get sent in again.  So Jenna & Jay or Brittany & Adam for a third friggin time were going to get sent in.  Jonna & Zach also made up during the power couple dinner which will strengthen their resolve in the weeks to come. It didn’t look like they were on the same page of their vote even though Brittany & Adam got the call in.  This was bullshit.  So we got Jemmye & Knight V. Brittany & Adam. 

The Dome: Breakin Out

There were two towers with cinder block stacks and a wrecking ball connected to a rope.  The teams job was to pull the rope hard enough back and forth to break both levels of cinder blocks.  This was an extremely physical challenge heaveily predicated on getting into a groove.

Winners: Brittany & Adam (BAWSE STYLE!)

Power Couple Rankings

1. Nany & Bananas – Nany, girl. What the hell, bro?  Since when do you give two shits about Bananas?

2. Theresa & Wes –  I don’t like quiet Wes.  I do like quiet Theresa, but it doesn’t work for TV.  Get in someone else’s personal business, will ya?

3. Sarah & Jordan –  They were first last week and second this week, but I feel like it was a really good showing.  They might have the best chemistry.

4. Jonna & Zach –  That was the first time Jonna ever did anything impressive (I haven’t said that before have I?) in any form of competition.  Zach showed his self interest after the vote by shitting on Jonna right after.

5. Averey & Johnny – Again this is a team that technically is low on the list, but just because there is a lot heavy hitting up top.  I think they’ll stick around a while.

6. Nia & Leroy – Starting to get worried for these guys.  They have yet to really prove their worth in a challenge and unless they make friends, they’ll be on the chopping block after Brittany & Adam

7. Brittany & AdamThis team has officially climbed out of the bottom.  Its time to stop sleeping on them.

8. Jenna & Jay – Jenna needs to get married to Zach like tomorrow if they have any chance of surviving.  I wouldn’t trust these two against any of the remaining teams.

The Biggest Losers

1Jemmye & Knight – I have drafted Jemmye two of the last four seasons, and I have no idea why.  I keep thinking she’s a sleeper, but she AINT.

Second Impressions Are: I still don’t care for are you the one, but Brittany & Adam fit in well and I hope they win a challenge just to strike fear in the hearts of some vet teams that voted them in.  It’s also good to see so many new teams adding to the narrative of the show instead of serving as defacto window dressing.  Also.  I still don’t know the specifics of Knight’s death, but I’m going to miss him a hell of a lot on these challenges.  He always brought the haterade.

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