The Challenge: Free Agents Finale Recap

The Challenge: Free Agents Finale Recap


So last week left us with the cliffhanger that was team Zach/Devyn capsizing into the rapids in the 1st stage with Zach nowhere to be seen.  Remember, there were three team configurations for the first three stages:

1st Stage Teams:  Portland/Nany, Zach/Devyn, Bananas/Laurel. 2nd Stage Teams: Portland/Laurel, Bananas/Devyn, Zach/Nany. 3rd Stage Teams: Portland/Devyn, Zach/Laurel, Bananas/Nany

Now lets get to it!

The episode picked back up with Zach being picked up by the Challenge Rescue Canoe.  They were brought back to the boat and got right back after it.   Laurel and Bananas looked to have a pretty sizable lead and completed the first stage in great time.  Portland and Nany finished about 4 minutes later, so they were close.  Zach and Devyn finished 18 minutes later, but considering there were still 4 challenges, that’s not that bad.

2nd Stage: 10K Run and Puzzle

Without any delay TJ was there to get them off on their run in the new team pairs.  From the jump, Portland and Laurel crushed the run.  Zach and Nany looked to have trouble, but plugged away.  Unfortunately for Bananas, he had Devyn.  By the time the puzzles began, most of the teams  were deadlocked.  This allowed Devyn to actually be somewhat valuable because she was easily the smartest person left.  However Bananas showed why he’s a real vet.  Realizing all the tree pieces were probably cut from the same tree, he starts matching up the pieces instead of worrying about the corresponding cities.  He and Devyn make up HUGE time, because the other teams couldn’t solve it.

3rd Stage: Trail Hike (2000ft elevation)

This is going to be such a steep hike that they have to wear harnesses.  Because this was entirely unsafe, they had to stagger their starts.  This looked awful.  Zach and Laurel went first, followed by Bananas and Nany, and then Portland and Devyn.   As this hike went along, Zach started to seize up REAL bad and threatened to quit.  Right there Bananas and Nany started to gain on them.  They’ve made up serious time, and Nany really showed her worth.   At this point, because of Zach’s cramping and general bitching, Bananas and Nany were clearly in first.  Meanwhile, Portland and Devyn hadn’t quit yet and finished in a decent time.

4th Stage: Volcano Bike 

This would be the last stage of the evening and the first of the individual stages.  A 25 bike ride standing between the competitors and sleep.  The plus of th ebike was that it was a stationary bike.  Portland really looked like he had the most gas in the tank, but Bananas wasn’t much behind him and actually ended up winning.  Shortly after that, Nany started bitching and crying and started losing time to Laurel.  Big mistake.  Johnny finished next, followed by Zach, Laurel, Nany, and finally Devyn, who really dug deep to finish what seemed like HOURS after everyone else.

5th and Final Stage: Volcano Summit

They had to climb a volcano, tag their flag and everything about it looked awful.  Bananas and Portland were neck and neck.  Portland looked like he had the most gas at this point and proved it as he got to the flag first followed by Bananas.  Zach has basically resigned himself to 3rd place, and has threatened to quit at almost every juncture since the 3rd stage.  Laurel paced the women, with Nany behind, and Devyn even further behind.  However, Nany was not going to make it easy.  Nany started picking up the pace right towards the end, but was just a hair too late as Laurel got there first.  Bringing up the rear of the elimination it was no surprise to see Zach howling like a madman.  He did finish though and was almost assuredly going to be the biggest loser.  Devyn was having issues similar to Zach and looked like she was going to quit, but she did it as well.

It’s hard to tell after all of the stages who really won, so they will have to wait to see TJ to find out who won the big money. Upon arrival TJ starts announcing winners and losers:

3rd Place: Devyn ($15,000) 

Russ: I’m shocked she had it in her to finish this time around.  I really saw her quitting on the 4th stage. 

3rd Place: Zach ($15,ooo)

Russ: This has to be one of the all-time biggest finals flops ever.  Dude didn’t come ready to work at all.  Being that big makes you think you can win without trying

2nd Place: Nany ($35,000)

Russ: Nany is another one that I’m shocked finished.  If she could ever minimize her craziness and penchant for finding man-drama, she could really be something.  She really pushed Laurel. 

2nd Place: Portland ($35,000)

Russ:  I don’t even know what to think about this guy.  I drafted him cause I needed a body and sure he survived, but he never looked good until the final.  Maybe never having to see an elimination kept him fresh?

1st Place: Bananas ($125,000)

Russ:  After winning this much $$ maybe you should think about taking a couple seasons off?

1st Place: Laurel ($125,000)

Russ: Who didn’t think this was happening?  Nothing to talk about here.  Now can we move on to a season with Cara Maria, Laurel, and Emilee all out to kill each other? 

So there you have it.  It was a great season, and a great fantasy league season that unfortunately I will finish in second place.  Oh well, theres always next year…



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