Don’t Be A Halloweenie


Halloween; the only occasion where it is acceptable to approach a stranger’s house dressed however you’d like, and take candy from them. What’s not to love, right? Here are a few things you should consider before going out on the big night:


You’re Never too Old to Dress Up

For some reason people feel that Halloween is just for children. These people could not be further from the truth. Let me ask you, which is better, going out and getting drunk with your friends OR going out and getting drunk with your friends dressed like the cast of Street Fighter?


You’re Never too Cool to Dress Up

Ever. So stop acting like you’d rather die than put on a fake mustache.



Be Careful with Pop Culture

A pop culture reference is always great, but going too mainstream can hurt you. Try to think outside of the box, maybe you feel that Miley and Robin Thicke are original, but so do a ton of other women who are dying to wear the smallest amount of clothing possible while attempting to twerk all night. Also, make sure not to be too original. If you’re dressing as the sidekick from an indie film, chances are people are going to have no fucking clue who you are (you may have a chance in Brooklyn though). A throwback pop culture reference is always appreciated if you do it right, which brings me to my next point…


No Half Assing

It’s HALLOWEEN! The only day where you get to dress completely outrageous and get away with it, so COMMIT. You can’t be Quailman unless you have underwear over your khaki shorts, and don’t even think about being the Spice Girls unless you have all five members and platform shoes. Today is your day. This is a pissing contest, people. You want your costume to be the best and make people wish they had thought of that before. A little effort is worth the amount of satisfaction you get when rolling up in a well done costume.


Slutty is Old News

Gals, creative is the new slutty. It’s time to put away the slutty pets, civil service members, or anything really. It doesn’t make for a good costume if you’re wearing a normal costume that is lacking inches of clothing. Not to mention that Halloween is in the end of October, aren’t you cold in that? I know you feel you’re not getting judged on Halloween if you’re slutty but trust me, you absolutely still are. Trade up the old, tired, slut-tumes and think of something creative. You can only make a “sexy” caveman work for so long, lock it up.

Justine Kolsky

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Justine Kolsky is a writer for Rookerville. Aside from trying to perfect her twerk, she likes to spend her time being cold and sarcastic to her peers. Tell her I said "hello", she'll know what it means.


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