@Midnight First Impressions

@Midnight First Impressions


The Next Great Talk-Show for the Internet Generation


It’s been a while since I looked forward to new programming on Comedy Central.

Seriously, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Louie led me to believe that FX was actually funnier than CC’s programming outside of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

But, gladly, that streak has been broken.

@Midnight is the brain child of Chris Hardwick, a podcaster, blogger, newsletterer, and nerd extraordinaire. In every one of those endeavours he’s proven himself to have a unique talent: honest, courageous wit.

The format of the show is simple: Hardwick identifies some of the most interesting social media, and web content out there, whether it be funny, weird controversial, or otherwise and asks his panel of comedians to compete for seemingly arbitrary points by offering the best comments on them.

And it’s hilarious.

The show will cover anything from an AMA gone wrong with Ann Coulter on reddit where a redditor has compared the author/talking head to skeletor with a side-by-side image, and ask the panel to answer the absurd question, “What do you plan to do with Heman?” to a twitter contest where Hardwick will ask the audience to participate in naming #SluttyMusicals.

Hardwick isn’t just funny, and yes, there are many jokes that would seem inappopriate were he not so good at moving on to the next gag, he’s also a skilled navigator of the web scouring all corners for some of its most ridiculous questions like, “Do Asians Lay Eggs?” which of course somebody answered with a laconic, and maybe absurd “Yes.” But we’ll never know.

The best part of the show is that perhaps it truly reflects how we use the web through one of its most interesting personalities.

If you’re not up on your news, Hardwick’s Nerdist Industries has recently been acquired by Legendary Entertainment and you should expect to see more content from Hardwick’s team in the years to come.

A welcome addition to the late night lineup.

Last night, when it was over and I was looking for something to follow, I landed on Conan on TBS. Shocklingly, it felt slow, and old after watching the much quicker-paced and fresh @Midnight with Chris Hardwick.

I’ll maintain my love for Conan, but seriously this is a show to watch.


@Midnight is on Comedy Central at Midnight Monday-Thursday following the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

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