Retrospective Review: Shame


Yes this movie came out yeeeeeaaaaars ago. In the old days. 2011. I am a late-bloomer. I tried to get this posted on numerous sites in fact…but to no avail. I kind of like to see Rookerville as the America of blogs. Some of us are the beautiful people. And some of us are me. 

“Your favorite movie is… The Ten Commandments?”

For you poor culture virgins out there, who still didn’t see this movie, this is for you. Also see the Wizard of Oz, I hear that movie was good. Without further ado…

Shame (2011) is not for everyone.

·         Girls
·         Most people that watch Girls
·         Your Mother
·         Young Male Roommates
·         Guys who still like Wedding Crashers


I got a lot of feelings, so I’m into any movie that can get them going. The most recent* movie that got me was Shame. Yeah. I know It came out a while ago, but I was in college when it did, thus I had no money. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m catching up. I suppose it doesn’t make me an active consumer, but it does make me a retroactive consumer. Thus cultured. Thus. My opinion is valid. Now that I’ve made that a “thing,” we can proceed…thusly.

1       So Shame is a great movie if you are into the new emotional torture porn genre (that I’ve made up the term for). That means Shame is awesome if you liked Blue Valentine, or any movie that gives one less hope for the human race.
2.       Shame is not something you watch with your boys. That means if they don’t know what “harrowing” means, they are going to misunderstand the film as “a movie about a guy that gets laid a lot and then belly aches.” Trust me. I watched it with a roommate. I’m sure I could watch it with more of my 19 – 25 year old friends who do not understand the crushing weight of sex addiction.
3.       Now that I think about it, you have to be really successful in order to afford a diverse and truly self-destructive sex addiction. Maybe this movie is difficult for the common man to relate to.
4.       It wasn’t weird to see Michael Fassbender’s penis, until I remembered that he is Magneto. I saw Magneto’s penis. X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to be a little weird for me.
5.        I’m not sure how to wrap this up (PUN) but I am sure that I’m afraid of sex now. See it if you want to be done with that part of your life. All it does is make Carey Mulligan slit her wrists.


Bonus: I don’t know why I thought things would ever get better when he threw his porn away.

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