Instant Coffee: Dunkin Donuts as Harbinger of the Apocalypse

Instant Coffee: Dunkin Donuts as Harbinger of the Apocalypse


Donut Sandwich

Dunkin Donuts has taken over every street corner in NYC.  They now want to make a Tywin Lannister-like power move and make sure that sandwiches like KFC’s Double Down, don’t take the cake for “Worst Idea Ever” forever.  Starting June 7th, on National Donut Day, Dunkin will be enveiling their Donut Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.  This monstrosity will basically be a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with a split, glazed donut as the bun.  Whomever thought of this cannot even be pretending this is good for the world.  Will I try it?  Yes, but that is because I need to know what I’m up against.

I just watched Wall-E last night, and After Earth over the weekend.  We are a good 20 years away from either future (we are in the Idiocracy currently).

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Russ Stevens is an editor and writer at Rookerville and a guidance counselor at Nyack HS. He mostly writes about either loving or hating things. In his spare time, he performs Improv comedy with his troupe Priest and The Beekeeper and is a co-producer of their monthly variety show Pig Pile. He loves all the New York sports teams that are historically bad, and he hates lateness more than anything in the world.


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