Crowd Sourced: Portugal. The Man at Irving Plaza

Crowd Sourced: Portugal. The Man at Irving Plaza

Concerts on Monday nights I categorically hate.  You wake up for Tuesday, which in my opinion is worse than Monday’s work, and you are hungover, and probably still smell like a butt.  All the teeth brushing in the world can’t get rid of that alcohol taste, and your co-workers ask if you’re feeling ok.  To me that’s not worth it.  But sometimes it is.  Last night I went to the Portugal. The Man show with fellow Rooker, Cargile and some other buddies, and it was awesome.

The Royal Bangs

We got there close to the end of the opening act.  I feel bad for often never giving opening acts a fair shake, but from what I heard they sounded like Tapes N Tapes or Dom with more of a classic sound.  It’s worth checking out, but to be honest, I was drunk and couldn’t have cared less.

Portugal. The Man

I know I said it was awesome, but to further elaborate, it was my first time seeing Portugal.  I’ve been listening to them fairly heavily for the last 2 or 3 years, but anytime they were around, I missed it for one reason or other.  This time I made sure to get there (even on a Monday) and get a good spot in the crowd.  My only concern prior to heading into the show was that I’d only heard two tracks from the new album, so I would not know a lot of the songs they played.  They must have seen me coming because the band vacillated between new and old tracks.  They started off with their new single Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue, before segueing into tracks from the previous two albums, all the while keeping the audience fully engaged.  The entire venue was on board giving the energy back to the band.  Things never really slowed down either.  They played for roughly an hour and even had time for a few covers (Weezer’s Say It Aint So and The Beatles’ Hey Jude) and a three song encore.  All in all, the music and the energy were flawless, but the biggest bright spot of the show I would have to say was the elaborate accompanying light show.  I typically do not care for wild lights protruding out into the audience, but for Portugal, it really worked.  I also did not expect the show to be as dance-heavy as it was, but that was an unexpected plus.  Portugal. The Man typically sounds like an evolved version of classic rock.  Something that you can play at a summer bbq that would not be considered objectionable.  The fact that you can actually dance as much (or mosh as was the case for some) came as a suprise.

All in all, there is little else I can do but gush about this band. They play like they are last pure Rock and Roll band alive, even though that is not the case.  Also, all of the new songs I was scared of not knowing, I already know I will like.  Prolific producer Dangermouse shepherded their sound on the next album, so you can expect a lot of what you have come to expect from his collaborations.  Last night was proof positive that Portugal. The Man is on the right track creatively and hopefully that translates into actual sales.*

*Or a sweet licensing agreement with a CW show.



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