Welcome to Rookerville…

welcome-matThis to put it simply is the equivalence of directions that come with new toys.  The new toy in this scenario is “Rookerville” itself, obviously.  Not so obvious is that you should’ve read that header as if you were standing across from Nicolas Cage and you were Sean Connery playing some derivative of Sean Connery in another movie that seems it’s almost trying to make the Scottish accent you carry more impossible to explain than ever before.  But I digress.  Being that no one likes directions I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

What is Rookerville

I’d like to say Rookerville is some amazing idea I had when I was standing on the toilet and slipped and hit my head on the bathroom sink.  It isn’t and I didn’t.  Quite honestly, and get ready for the cheesy “awww” moment here, I’ve just been fortunate enough to come across enough interesting individuals in my time that I’ve finally had enough and wanted to create a medium for them to shine.  Rookerville at its bare bones is a long form reporting, and journalism website, but you can read all that in the “about” section.

To me the meat and potatoes of the operation stems from the large spectrum of contributors I hope to include in this endeavor.  At its peak Rookerville should be the one place you can fulfill all your niche desires.  A place where you might find a sociological breakdown of the WWE and its current gimmicks and what it says about the state of our culture currently, and the power rankings of the characters on pretty little liars. Essentially, anything.

How Does it Work

Although everything on the internet can be put under the “blog” umbrella, I personally hope Rookerville can avoid that stigma.  In an attempt to prevent that the site is designed to keep fully featured and fleshed out pieces as the forefront product.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be the occasional pop culture hangover short lived regurgitation of the latest meme or internet craze; no we’ll definitely be on top of that too.  However, it has its own place.  On the side of the site you see two buttons; “Main Course” and “Sides”.  Pretty self-explanatory, but for everyone in the cheap seats, the “Sides” button is how you’ll access the more “blog” oriented articles, while the “Main Course” is where the heart of the site is at.

In hopes that you’ll find honesty and people who really care about what they’re writing I’ve made it quite clear there are no assignments for any of the contributors.  I don’t care to force anyone to “cover” something they have no interest in.  And any regularly scheduled pieces; i.e. weekly recaps or reviews, are entirely up to the contributor to handle.  I hope this breeds an organic growth.  And I’m sure as time goes on there will be some recurring pieces, but it will be because you the reader wanted it, not cause we at Rookerville told you, you had to have it. Brain washing and subconscious messaging isn’t a part of the business plan till 2015 (it’s amazing to me how futuristic twenty fifteen sounds and its only 2 years away; hell 2013 sounds like scifi to me right now).

Who Am I

That’s a fair question.  Who the fuck (we can curse?!?) am I to think I know what you want to read?  Well in keeping with the theme I want to keep this simple and relaxed (YES; I mean that in the way people mean it when asked “soo.. what are we?”  after one hook up somehow turns into an episodic show you didn’t even realize you were DVRing).  I’m nothing more than a guy with a lot of time and some entertaining friends.

Does this qualify me the title of “founder” or “creator” of Rookerville? Sure but I find those terms to be rather hefty for a guy who simply still has a kid’s imagination with adult means.  By that I mean; you know that moment when you’re growing up and you realize some things aren’t possible?  Maybe it was high school and you realized you couldn’t dunk and therefore would never go pro; or maybe it was college when you didn’t get into Julliard, but you managed to minor in tambourine anyways at Binghamton, but deep down knew you’d never be a rock star.  Yea I never had that moment.  So where most people at this moment would say; hey, I’ve never even written an article before, or came close to editing anything, for anyone before, I probably can’t start a website built just for that; my child like idealism doesn’t care.

So that’s how we got here.  Hopefully you find something, or someone you like here in Rookerville (cheesy tourist commercials coming in 2014) and feel free to share your opinions with us.  And I’ll say this one more time, and you’ll read it right this time:

Welcome to Rookerville…

(You read it with a Morgan Freeman accent this time right? Good.)


Matt Cargile

About Matt Cargile

Matt Cargile is the Editor in Chief of rookerville.com. He also works in finance, but refuses to read any news printed on pink paper. He is a child at heart with adult means. His childhood dream was to either become a magician or the leader of the next great empire and somehow both these things make complete sense. He's contradictory in nature, but is always consistent.


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